Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Day, Yay!

So for the past few months I've been surfing around and I was introduced to foodie blogs. It took me a while, but I finally decided to create one of my own.
A few things about me.
  • I love to bake.
  • I want to become a pastry chef.
  • This upcoming year I'm going into a culinary program.
  • After this year I hope to go to the Art Institute to take a Baking and Pastry Chef Degree program.
  • I need a new camera. Mine just doesn't do it when I try to take pictures of stuff I bake. Makes them look crappy. *cries* Oh well. . .I'm over it.

I am by no means professional at all. Nope. No sir. Amateur right here and that's okay with me. Practice is what makes perfect right? And that's what this blog is about for me. Showing off my practice so that I can become better.