Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cake Pokeballs?

So a few days ago we had a bonfire birthday party for one of my friends. Him and I are uber nerds and LOVE LOVE LOVE. . .okay well I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pokemon. He just likes it. Well he requested I make a Pokeball cake. (which when I look back at it. . . maybe it would have been the better route). I was thinking of just doing a double layer cake(he requested Red Velvet) and just frost it like a Pokeball, but that's waaaaaay to lame for me. I'm eccentric. The weirder the better. So I was thinking make two layers that are half spheres and assemble them together to make a ball. Unfortunately I don't have the right shaped bowls for that sort of thing. So what did I come up with????

  • Now. . .they aren't AMAZING.
  • This is the first time I've made cake balls.
  • This is the first time I've ever played with candy melts(which I really never want to do again)
  • I also had a helper who didn't know what ROUND meant.
  • But. . .for my first time doing this. . .I think they're pretty legit. . .right? Right? Just nod and smile. . .nod and smile.
To be honest I wish they would've come out better, but I did the best I could and he really liked them.
I set the balls on the counter and after he saw the picture he proceeded to tell me that his team wasn't complete, because EVERYONE knows your team consists of 6 Pokemon.
Thanks Ricky. . .thanks >.>

All in all I counted and I ended up making 40 COMPLETE Pokeball cake balls. 40! That doesn't included the other like 50 non completed half dipped cake balls still sitting in my freezer. *sigh* Next time I know not to make two box mixes.
Self reminder:
Stick with only one Kori. . . two is one too many. . .

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