Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Little Debbie Zebra Cakes

Even though I made that batch of Sugar Cookie Bars yesterday(which like I said. . .we haven't even put a eensy dent in them. . .at all) I wanted to bake again today. I have some apples laying around that I need to get rid of. Especially since they are the not so, how should I put this, tasty kind? Well I wanted to make these apple bars that are unbelievably hard to resist. Then I remembered our apartment gets wayyyy waaayyyy too hot when I bake(found that out the hard way yesterday while make the cookie bars).

Soooo I decided to go on a recipe hunt, which for me is an everyday thing, but still! I wanted to try to find a recipe for Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, you know. . .those little white cakes with zebra stripes on them? because let's face it. . .THEY'RE CRACK IN A BOX =D
I mean come on. . .who can resist the amazingness that is these little cakes?

By the way! Did you know they come in chocolate?!?! CHOCOLATE! =D=D
I knew they came in orange, because I've had those before, but chocolate? Dude sign me up!
Hmmm well I was just thinking that I could get a box cake(which I only use for experiments cause they're quick and cheap) to make little cakes, frost them, layer them, and then dip them in . . .I don't know saaaaay white Almond Bark. Then I would stripe them with chocolate. Think that'd be legit enough?

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try it either way. It'd probably come out yummy even IF they didn't taste like the real thing. Who can go wrong with white cake, frosting, and chocolate?

All this looking around for Little Debbie Zebra Cakes makes me want to make an actual zebra cake though. They are so pretty with their vanilla and chocolate stripes. Maybe that's my next project?

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