Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chocolate And An Overview

Okay so I have something I need to admit. . .it's not easy, but. . .here I go.
I. . .have an addiction to chocolate. There I said it. Aren't I supposed to feel better now? Admitting is the first step to recovery right? Right?! *sigh* I don't know that I want to recover from this problem though. Chocolate is just soooooooo good. Let me give you an example of my never ending love of chocolate:

These are chocolate chocolate chip cookies with milk chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and white chocolate drizzled on top.

Any more proof needed here?

Well just incase you need some more. . .here's a chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese
frosting in between the layers and what is the whole thing covered in? Chocolate Marshmallow
Fondant. Ohhhh yeah 8)

This cake was a grad cake for a friend of mine. It was the devil to make since I had never worked with any type of fondant before. Nor had I worked with Royal Icing. Let me tell you. . .piping writing with R.I. is a hard task to do. . .

Okay okay so now you know I love chocolate. I do have another obsession. I'm not sure if it counts though, because it has chocolate IN it. I love cookie dough. Raw cookie dough, cookie dough bites, cookie dough blizzards, cookie dough anything(as long as it's chocolate chip cookie dough of course). Mmmmmmm. I have an example of something crazy that I baked that has to deal with this.
Chocolate Chip Cupcakes via Martha Stewart
Topped with Marshmallow Buttercream
Topped by a chocolate chip cookie
They were amazing =)

I paired these off with Mini Red Velvet Hi-Hats. Which were equally amazing. I even got asked for the recipe on these.

I don't want to leave you thinking that I never make anything that DOESN'T have chocolate in it so . . .here's one of my favorite cookies recipes I came across one day. It's from RecipeGirl and it's her Cinnamon Bun Cookies recipe. I absolutely LOVE them and they don't have one trace of chocolate in them.
I've made them on two different occasions
Here's a picture of the first time:

They tasted delicious, but didn't roll out the way I had hoped. I wanted pretty cookies! PRETTY ONES! So I made them a second time. . .
They were just as delicious(maybe even more so cause they were so much prettier) the second time. Okay maybe not the two in front. . .but the one in back has the pretty cinnamon swirl =) I basically have a hard time NOT eating all of these.

I think the cinnamon sugar combination is almost, not as good, just ALMOST as good as chocolate. I guess that's why most the stuff I make that doesn't have chocolate in it has cinnamon and sugar XD Example:
Monkey Bread via Baking Bites
I absolutely LOVE Monkey Bread and the recipe from Baking Bites is to die for. Yummy. =)

Cinnamon Rolls via Pioneer Woman(That's me standing in the background like the creeper that I am >.> <.< >.>)
These were amazing too. I halved the recipe and I still had like 4 pans of them. I made them, because it was the first morning since I moved in that my roommate and I were actually together in the apartment at the same time. They were deeeeeliiiiiiiciooooous. I loved them. They were even good the next day cold! Which is extraordinary in itself, because I hate leftovers. Yuck.

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