Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Too Hot To Make Spreads

*grumble grumble* So I hadn't made anything for like a week and I was again getting that baker's itch again. Unfortunately I haven't had much time lately to bake anything for a few reasons.
  • I just recently started my new job at Sam's Club(yeah yeah evil conglomerate company blah blah. I'll tell you a lil somethin' somethin', this evil conglomerate is paying me about 2 dollars more than my last job did. So I'm not going to complain =P) Anyways, not only have I started my new job and not had time to bake because of that, two other things happened recently.
  • My boyfriend just moved into an apartment about 5 minutes away
  • AND it's been waaaaaaaay too dang hot to bake.

That last one applies to today as well, BUT I just couldn't stand it anymore. I HAD to make SOMETHING.

So, I figured something easy. . .something simple would do. Wellll, I went ahead and made what Pioneer Woman calls "spreads". Which is basically a plain cookie dough that gets topped with a chocolate chip spread.

OH YEAH. Another thing that. . .how do I put this. . .made me a sad panda, is that my trusty(but crappy) camera of 2 years crapped out on me. I now cannot see the screen when I take pictures. It still takes pictures =D! I just can't see what they look like when I take them, or after I've taken them, until I put them on my computer. So, all my pictures from now on, until I get a new camera(which may be a while) are going to be guess work. UNLESS I can get my lovely roommate(if she's around) to do the photography for me. Which I should do anyways, because she actually loves photography XD

Okay anyways, here's a (crappy) picture of the spread cookies I made.
Personally I thought the cookie dough was a little. . .plain. I would put more chocolate on(or perhaps even in*shifty eye*) them. After I decided to try to make them pretty and be cool by putting a strawberry on them I actually ate the strawberry on one. Boy oh boy did that improve their taste by far! I suggest eating a strawberry on these. ;) You wont be disappointed.

If you would like the recipe here is a link: PW's "Spreads"

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